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  • Rotundum Positioning Chair

    The Rotundum Positioning Chair is a mechanical chair that enables treatment of benign positional vertigo under video guidance. While more than 90% of BPV is treatable at the bedside, the Rotundum is useful when BPV affects more than one semicircular canal or is difficult to treat at the bedside due to a limited range of neck movement, physical disability or where an unusual eye-movement (atypical positional nystagmus) is observed. The test is performed after a 3 hour fast.

      Pre-medication with anti-nauseants (prochlorperazine, ondansetron) is recommended for patients with motion sensitivity.

    The test itself takes 5-10 minutes. Preparation and explanation take 10 minutes.

    Rotundum Positioning Chair
    1. Rotundum Positioning Chair
  • Vestibulospinal Reflex Testing

    A majority of balance function tests examine the pathways from the inner ear balance organs to the eyes (vestibulo ocular reflexes).

    Vestibulospinal reflex tests assess balance pathways to the trunk and limbs. These tests use a low intensity vibration pulse or electrical pulse to activate the balance organs and record the resultant muscle response (using electromyography or EMG) and whole body displacement (using a force platform or 3D motion capture system).

    These tests are still used chiefly in research but hold promise as methods of assessing imbalance and gait disturbance.

    Vestibular Function Testing
    2. Vestibulospinal Reflex Testing
  • Trans Tympanic Electrocochleography

    This test measures the distortion of inner ear membranes (linings) caused by the presence of excess inner ear fluid. It is useful in the diagnosis of Meniere's Disease and related disorders.

    The test is performed by an expert otolaryngologist and involves placing a thin wire (electrode) through a small piercing that is made in a safe place on the ear drum. The ear drum is anaesthetised beforehand. During the test, noises (clicks or tones of specific frequencies) are presented through headphones.

    After the test, patients are advised to keep the ear dry for one week.

    3. Trans Tympanic Electrocochleography

Suite 304 RPA Medical Centre
100 Carillon Avenue
Newtown NSW 2042
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