Internship and Research Opportunities

  Observerships / Internships

Dr Welgampola is happy to host observerships for local and overseas otologists, neurologists and healthcare professionals who treat patients with acute vertigo. Observers generally commit to undertaking or participating in a research project during their stay. The laboratory also accepts interns from the disciplines of Biomedical Engineering and Mechatronics.

  Education Sessions

Dr Welgampola is happy to participate in education sessions for General Practitioners, Emergency Physicians, Audiologists, Otologists and Neurologists. Please email us if you wish to organise a session.

  Research Participation

We welcome both healthy controls and patients with vestibular disorders related to our research topics. If you wish to participate in current research studies, please contact us by email.

  Contribution to our Research

If you wish to contribute to our research, please contact the Sydney Medical School Foundation.

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