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Vertigo is a hallucination of movement that is caused by a left-right difference between the inner ear balance organs or their connections. “Vertigo” is not a diagnosis. It is only a term used to describe dizziness associated with a sensation of self motion or movement of the environment. Vertigo is merely a symptom just like “headache” or “chest pain”.

There are many different causes of vertigo. It is not always easy to describe the sensation experienced, which might be a spinning, rocking, tilting or dropping sensation. Sometimes it can be difficult to separate vertigo from sensations like lightheadedness, disorientation or brain fog. Sometimes, the cause of vertigo is evident in the history of its presentation alone. The physical examination and vestibular testing can also help determine the cause of vertigo. Examination during an attack of vertigo also provides valuable information, therefore our clinic focuses on seeing our patients as close as possible to an attack.

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